Kiri Park Projects
Kiri Park Projects

The Kiri Park Projects are a major business activity and focus of the EFF Group. The Kiri Park Projects are currently operated as Managed Investment Schemes registered with the ASIC and being operated on the Kiri Park property which is owned by Powton Land Holdings Limited (“PLH”).

The Kiri Park Projects include the:
• Kiri Park Project (ASRN: 091 158 897)
• Kiri Park Project No. 2 (ARSN: 096 225 400)

The Kiri Park Projects were established specifically for the growth, harvest, research, promotion and sale of Paulownia timber and are set to operate for approximately 10 years.

Environmental Forest Farms Management Limited (“EFFM”) is the Responsible Entity for the Kiri Park Projects and is also contracted as the Plantation Manager of the plantations. EFFM is also the Responsible Entity for the Heritage Paulownia Forests Project No.1.

The Kiri Park Projects culminate in the growth and development of approximately 150,000 Paulownia trees being planted on approximately 300 hectares of the Kiri Park property, for approximately 500 investors.

At the conclusion of each Project, Growers in the respective Project receive investment returns from the proceeds from the sale of the harvested timber (less the associated expenses) and the Project is wound up in accordance with each Scheme's Constitution. The tree stumps that remain, revert to the ownership of Powton Land Holdings Limited which have the rights in the future regrowth and the benefits of that regrowth. Investors in the Kiri Park Projects also been shareholders in Powton Land Holdings Limited and such as they benefit from any future regrowth.

Each Project is required to prepare Financial Statements and Growers Report for investors.